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The browser must download and parse CSS files before it can show the page, which makes CSS a render-blocking resource. If CSS files are big, or network conditions are poor, requests for CSS files can significantly increase the time it takes for a web page to render.

Great website performance lowers bounce rates, increases conversions, improves SEO and scores in tools like Google’s Pagespeed Insights.

Using Critical CSS service can speed up your website in no time!

- Support the 

- Magento 2 module: Magento 2 module is included, fresh and clean supports to generate critical CSS for your Magento 2 website automatically.

- Core Web Vitals functionality is included:

- 30 days money back.

- 1 Year update.

- Installation: Send me an email:[email protected]

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Magento 2 Core Web Vitals Optimization

The Magento 2 Core Web Vitals Optimization application helps you optimize the performance of your Magento store, especially in meeting user experience requirements. Here are some key points for you to understand about this application:

  1. What are Core Web Vitals?

    • Core Web Vitals are practical, user-centric factors that help website owners evaluate user experience on the web. As of now (in 2023), they include three web performance metrics:
      • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Measures the loading performance of the largest text, image, or media block on a web page.
      • First Input Delay (FID): Measures interactivity and reports how long it takes for a page to begin processing an event in response to user interaction.
      • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Measures how stable a page is as it loads and as a user interacts with it 1.
  2. Why Should We Care About Core Web Vitals for SEO Rankings?

    • You can find the Core Web Vitals report in Google’s Search Console. This report comes from the Chrome User Experience report and shows the performance of indexed URLs based on field data. It provides valuable insights into how your pages perform and what fixes need to be made to optimize your Magento store for better user-centric experiences on both mobile and desktop devices 1.
  3. Optimization Strategies for Magento 2 Core Web Vitals:

  4. Real-world Examples:

In summary, focusing on Core Web Vitals helps enhance user experience, outperform competitors, maintain Google rankings, and ultimately drive more conversions for your Magento store.

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Regular: You have to generate critical CSS manually in the Website with unlimited domains
API Endpoint: Provide an API endpoint, supports to generate critical CSS.

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